Cerinnov Group

The Cerinnov Group, the “factory of the future”, presents the best solutions for ceramics, glass and metal.

Cerinnov remains at the forefront of technological progress thanks to constant investments in innovation with the aim of improving their customers’ economic performance in a sustainable way.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.


Cartonarte has been developing customized cardboard products for over 40 years.

Cartonarte develops specific, customized boxes and manufactures various types of standard or customized cardboard for different purposes.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.


EROFIO Group specializes in providing solutions for the thermoplastic injection molding industry, using the best technology available for the design, production and quality control in the supply of moulds and injected parts.

The group’s companies assume the rigor and quality differentiation, investing in technology, equipment and training of its employees, answering these with motivation, productivity and innovation, shaping the differentiation strategy through the excellence of the service provided.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.


Calibrafruta, a company specialized in the production of automated mechanical equipment for fruit and vegetable processing, was founded in 1992 by José Caetano.

The company currently presents a wide range of equipment for the fruit and vegetable sector, from sorting and grading lines (by weight, diameter, colour, external quality, brix and maturation), to packing lines and weighing machines.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.


Established in 1997, UEpro is a supplier for injection (plastic, aluminium and zamak), compression and blow moulds.

UEpro guarantees the quality, the solutions, the prices and delivery times demanded by such a competitive market.

The clear information, the quality of the products, the accomplishment of delivery times and post-sales assistance are the guarantee of a successful cooperation.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.


SIMPLAC relies on a professional and experienced team, who has worked in the mold industry for almost thirty years, designing and producing high and low pressure die-casting dies.

SIMPLAC aims to provide products and services that meet the industries’ needs. SIMPLAC bets on high quality products at the lowest production cost and best production time.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.

bilstein group

As a supplier and manufacturer, the bilstein group is a worldwide leading specialist in the independent aftermarket. It offers repair solutions for all common vehicle types in the car and commercial vehicle sector.

The bilstein group combines a high quality standard with a strong customer focus.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.


CHETO is a company from Oliveira de Azeméis with more than 30 years of experience in the production of multitasking machines for mould makers and service companies.

CHETO presents an innovative concept to optimize deep hole drilling, standard drilling and milling.

All of this with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.

Vinhos de Reguengos de Monsaraz

Between vineyards and cellars, all the experiences related to the vineyard and the wine are part of the millenary history and culture in the Reguengos de Monsaraz Municipality, where the vineyards are interrupted by megalithic monuments, hermitages and centenary structures.

Undoubtedly, this is a region that has developed wine production over centuries, which is known through the presence of its wines in more than half a hundred countries across five continents.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.


Founded in 1983 by Arlindo Anastácio Cordeiro, Airemármores is a family company dedicated to the extraction and transformation of Portuguese limestones and marbles.
Currently, the company has an export rate of about 90% and has been increasing its participation in national and international projects.
In 2015, the company started the 2nd generation, continuing company's management.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.

GRUPO SOCEM: Beyond Our Universe

The Socem Group is multicultural and diversified, taking a unique and innovative approach to the markets and understanding the significance of globalization and the importance of being present at strategic points. INNOVATION - DESIGN - CREATION are present in their DNA and these factors allow Socem to convert ideas into results. Grupo Socem is and will always be a leader in mold engineering solutions and the group believes in their motto to always be one step ahead - ONE STEP AHEAD.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.


Babu is a company that contributes to a more sustainable world through its products.

Babu brand was born on the belief that one can and should create new solutions for everyone’s daily needs. Everyday products, even meaningless ones such as toothbrushes, have a huge impact when used to a large scale.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.


SRFAM was established by Luís Rodrigues, who in 1997 decided to follow entrepreneurship based on his professional knowledge of the mould industry. Through innovation and technology SRFAM guarantees its clients high accuracy and precision when making moulds as well as providing services for the plastics industry; satisfying all their expectations.
The continuous effort to innovate and accomplish allows the company a constant growth, which has not ceased.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.

VL Moldes

VL Moldes, Lda is located in Marinha Grande, Portugal. Established since 1997, it is specialized in Technical injection molds for the plastic industry. VL Moldes, Lda is equipped with the most advance technology available in the market for the moldmaking industry that together with an experience staff committed and skilled, allow it to develop high quality molds, small and medium sizes up to 4Ton.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.

NOV Group

The NOV Group is a multinational group which takes pride in its origins and is active in its social responsibilities.

It aspires to be a group with an Iberian dimension, focused on Construction but diversified in complementary activities that add value to it, such as Industry and Environment, or in activities that add sustainable dimension in markets where it operates, such as Automobiles.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.

J. Prior 

J.Prior is a reference company in the market which sustains its growth in understanding the needs of customers, employees and partners. Customer acquisition and loyalty are closely linked to exceeding expectations and professionalism, rigor, high performance and creating solutions.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.


Planimolde is a mould making company founded in 1978.

Its mission is to produce high quality tools and plastic parts in a close cooperation with its clients, meeting strictly all their requirements, deadlines and technical specifications. Planimolde always shows availability, flexibility and professionalism.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.

DGP Moldes

DGP Moldes is a mould making company, located in the Industrial Area of Marinha Grande.

Its added value is the know-how, the innovation and the technique. With a specialized and experienced and team and a strict quality control, DGP looks for just one result: perfection!

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.


Established on 1 March 2001, Automoldes is a metallic molds manufacturing company; its products are mainly for injection molding to produce technical plastic parts. In addition to mold constructing, the company makes their maintenance during the production cycle.

Automoldes is composed by a team with a vast experience in the mold industry, and makes available to the customers a set of services that fulfil their requirements.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI.

Stream Consulting 

Stream Consulting is a company whose work methodology is based on a detailed diagnosis of the case, identify operational problems and implementation of tools and solutions to improve the profitability of their clients’ business.

STREAM operates in areas such as Industrial Management Consulting, Technological Development and Innovation, Project Development and Management and Specialized Training.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.


Founded in 1960, ANEME (National Association of Metallurgical and Electromechanical Companies) focuses its activities on the promotion and representation of the industrial tiers of the metallurgical and electromechanical sector, included within the following major activities: Manufacture of Basic Metals, Manufacture of Metal Products, Manufacture of Machinery and Equipment and Manufacture of Transport Equipment.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.


The combination of the cutting edge technology and a motivated and rigorous team with more than three decades of experience in the design, development and manufacture of moulds defines the way how Ribermold makes its business.

Ribermold bets on the future, prizes the know-how and invests in the continuing training, in new technologies and in innovative manufacturing methods.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.

MASilva Cortiças 

MASilva Cortiças is a family-run group with a strong financial dynamic and in-depth knowledge of the cork production sector.

With its head office in Portugal, the group comprises four production units - three in the north and one in the southern part of the country. The MASilva team in Portugal provides organizational support and stability to its affiliates scattered throughout the various markets.

Over the last 40 years MASilva has established itself as an industry technology leader and its proprietary cork cleaning processes are recognized worldwide.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.

Ti' Piedade 

Pão de Ló Ti’Piedade, SA continues the artisan tradition and history of the sponge cake. It is an excellent Portuguese dessert, light and tasty, made with eggs and distinguished by its deliciously creamy taste, which comes from a special, non-uniform baking process.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.


The Planfuro Group specialises in providing services to the mould industry, its main customers being the top mould manufacturers in Portugal and in Germany.

Planfuro offers its customers a premium Alignment, Boring, Machining and Adjustment service.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.

This company from Marinha Grande was formed in 1958 and due to its work at an international level, is now acknowledged as a prestigious European moulds manufacturer. It has vast experience in producing moulds for fabric over-moulding (IMD). Driven by a young and passionate team, Somema’s goal is to ensure its customer’s satisfaction.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.

Based in Batalha, this company is the biggest producer of faience in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the largest in Europe. It has a productive capacity of over 1 million pieces/month and exports almost its entire production, essentially to Europe and to the United States of America. It’s present both in large stores and specialised retail stores.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.

Centro Hospitalar de Leiria 
Centro Hospitalar de Leiria is the result of the merger of Hospital Santo André (Leiria) with Hospital Distrital de Pombal, and with Hospital de Alcobaça Bernardino Lopes de Oliveira, covering a population of around 400,000 inhabitants. It calls itself the Hospital of the People, and its staff are patient-focused, working every day to ensure that there is constant care, comfort and safety.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.

This company, whose head office is in Cascais, is specialised in managing the careers of Portuguese and international artists, producing shows, and managing and marketing shows, among other things. Its portfolio of Portuguese and international artists includes names such Rodrigo Leão, Rui Massena and Wim Mertens.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.


This company from Oliveira de Azeméis is specialised in injection moulds for footwear soles and in 2017 is commemorating its 30th anniversary. Its mission is to supply an efficient and high-quality service to its customers, whose satisfaction and success are paramount for Frezamolde.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.

This institute is situated in Leiria and opened its doors in December 2015. It is a welcoming space designed so that its customers may benefit from its exclusive service and personalised treatment. It offers the following services: Electrical Stimulation Therapy, Cryotherapy, Nutrition and Massage.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, LPM|Peugeot, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.

This company, with its head office in Leiria, was set up in 1986, and started doing business manufacturing electrical heating elements for the plastics manufacturing industry. Over the years Resitec expanded into other areas, including hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanical transmission and others.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, LPM|Peugeot, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.

Founded in 1992, this company from Oliveira de Azeméis is proud to be an important partner of industry in general, but particularly the moulds, stamping and metalworking sectors. It invests in a relationship of cooperation and trust with its customers, suppliers and employees.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, LPM|Peugeot, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.

This company from Leiria has been designing, producing and selling industry related equipment and products since 1997. Tecnocanto was the pioneer in Europe for developing and manufacturing various kinds of Bag-in-box packing equipment, including the machine that makes the bags.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, LPM|Peugeot, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.

Socem Group 
The Socem Group, founded in 1986 and based in Martingança, is multicultural and diversified, with presence in Portugal, Brazil, Mexico and China. Innovation, Design and Creation are in its DNA and are the factors that enable Socem to convert ideas into results. Its motto is “always being a step ahead”.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, LPM|Peugeot, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.

This company from Maceira was founded in 1987 and is involved in studying, technically developing and manufacturing moulds for the plastics, rubber and die-casting industries. PMM’s key competencies include the ability to carry out: Inverse engineering and Product design and development; Rheological and mechanical study; Thermal analysis and Kinematic simulation.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, LPM|Peugeot, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.

Established in 1980 and based in Marinha Grande, Plimat is a company that is highly specialised in plumbing accessories. Its main priority is to produce premium quality parts. And through its ongoing work, it has reached the top position in the Portuguese market and is among the best in the world as far as quality is concerned.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, LPM|Peugeot, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.


With its head office in Albergaria-A-Velha, this is a leading company in the mould sector, always standing by its customers and partners in order to guarantee the required technical and operational support.

It was founded in 1996 and besides Portugal, it has an international footprint: France, Germany, Poland, China and the U.S.A.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, LPM|Peugeot, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.


Episode focusing on the moulds sector, officially sponsored by Cefamol.

90% of this sector’s production is exported to over 80 countries, with an 80% growth in exports in 5 years.

"Engineering & Tooling" is the collective brand representing the sector.

Official partners: AICEP, IAPMEI, LPM|Peugeot, TAP Portugal, Rede Expressos.